ReThink your Mink

 For the first time in years, the Southeast had a cold, harsh winter and customers were able to get their fur coats our and put them to great use. Now that weather is warming up and you aren't wearing your fur as much, now is the time to restyle it into something new!

     Henig Furs is excited to announce we can give your fur a professional makeover. Perhaps that old stole doesn't fit your fashion taste anymore; bring it to us and turn it into a stylish fur vest and add a fur hood. Create more versatility out of your fur by taking any fur and making it a reversible all-weather stroller. Dress up an old leather or cashmere by adding a fur collar or cuffs

     Create multiple looks with our 4-in-1 Mink coat. Start with a full length coat, un-zip a layer for a stroller, un-zip again to create a trendy jacket and lastly, use the bottom layer to wrap yourself in a fashionable Mink stole.

     If you would like to turn that old fur into a variety of accessories, bring it to turn any fur into a blanket, gloves, hat, headband, purse, boot toppers, scarf, stole or anything you desire. All restyling services are done in our headquarters in Montgomery, Alabama where our master furriers pay close attention to every detail.

     Henig Fur also offer conditioning, repairing, restorizing, appraising, trade-in and climate-controlled storage services in our own vaults.

     Henig Furs is a fifth generation family owned and operated business with stores throughout the southeast and the largest furrier in the southeast. Visit us at

Re think your mink



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