Protect Your Fur Investment!


     This year was cold and you finally got to wear your fabulous fur! Now that it's getting hot outside, you are bringing out the flip flops and tossing your coat into the closet and we want you to know that a closet is NO place for your furs!

     It gets hot during the summer, especially in the Southeast and the heat and humidity can dry out the skin of your fur and damage it beyond repair. It is very important to store your fur in a cold environment to protect it from heat and moths. Henig Furs offers cold storage in our climate-controlled vault where your coats will be protected from heat, humidity and moths and you won't have to worry about theft or dealing with your coat if you move. It's easy to overlook your coat drying out of getting moths during the summer and then realizing it's too late once it's winter. Let us help you avoid those issues! 

     Henig Furs recommends that you store your furs, leathers and cashmere every year and clean your coats at least every two years. We offer full service cleaning, conditioning, restorizing, glazing, storing, alterations, and restyling. Protect your investment by stoing your furs, leathers, and cashmere in Henig Furs' vault where you can have peace of mind knowing that your garments are safe!

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