Storage is very important to maintain the longevity and beauty of your fur. When the fur is not stored, the hair itself may appear fine, but the natural oils of the skin are drying out. If skins are allowed to dry out, rips and tears begin to appear, and these cannot be adequately repaired—nor can the oils be replaced. It is very important to store your fur in a cold environment to protect it from heat, humidity, and moths. At Henig Furs, we offer cold storage in our climate-controlled where your coats would be protected.

Protect your investment by storing your furs, leathers, wools and cashmeres in our Henig Furs vault where you can have peace of mind that your products are safe! Bring your fursleathers, cashmere and wool by one of our locations or ship it to our main office at 4135 Carmichael Rd. in Montgomery, AL 36106. 

We welcome all furs, regardless of where they were purchased!

Fur Conditioning
Furs should be conditioned annually. Normally, they do not look soiled, but they still need conditioning to keep them soft and supple. Conditioning is a dry process. Dirt and destructive pollutants are removed during the conditioning process while the skins are revitalized by restoring necessary oils. This process will not shrink, discolor, damage or change the shape of the fur. When a fur is conditioned, it will be softer and shinier. However, the conditioning process will not remove difficult stains in the garment. Fur repairs, such as special hand cleaning, will often times remove stains from the garment.

Leather Conditioning
To protect your quality leather/fur combination, have them conditioned annually to insure softness and suppleness. Do not attempt to hand wash or machine wash your leather garment.

Call (334) 277-7610 for more information or stop by one of our locations

No matter where you purchased your fur, we will repair it!


When the garment is brought in for storing, an experienced fur associate will examine your garments carefully before performing any necessary fur repairs. Loose linings should be sewn and worn fastenings replaced. If you need a repair on your fur, leather, wool or cashmere, bring it to one of our locations or call (334) 277-7610 for more information.

We will repair all furs, whether you purchased your pieces from us or from another retailer.


Give your fur a new look with our fur restyling service. It's so simple. Just take your old fur out of the closet and bring it in to the experts at Henig Furs. See a wonderful change take place by updating your old fur and watch it become a garment you will enjoy for many years to come! That’s the beauty of fur restyling!

The following are just a few of the many options available:

  • Add a permanent or detachable hood and/or belt
  • Turn your full-length coat in a 4-in-1 coat, or a stroller and vest.
  • Change the style, sleeves, or length
  • Change the border
  • Add buttons or a zipper
  • Add or remove collar and cuffs
  • Turn an old jacket into a vest, then use the sleeves to make accessories
  • Add a fur collar to your leather jacket
  • And more! 

We repair furs from all retailers.




Don't set your coat down in a room full of other furs and not know which one is yours! Get it personalized by having the interior lining monogrammed. When you purchase a new fur from Henig Furs, if it is over $500, you can get it monogrammed for free. If you order on the website, we ask that you wait until you receive your fur before deciding to get it monogrammed to make sure it fits right. When you have tried it on and it meets your satisfaction, you can send it to our corporate office at 4135 Carmichael Road Montgomery, Al. 36106 with your information and how you would like it to appear. We suggest First Name, Middle Initial, Last Name, but will monogram it how you like it. Please also state the thread color you choose. We suggest a color lighter than the liner.

If your purchase was not over $500 or if you purchased a fur a long time ago and it doesn't qualify for free monogramming, send it in and we will do it for only $40! Call (334) 277-7610 for more information.

We monogram all furs, no matter where you purchased them from.


Let our expert furriers appraise your fur for insurance purposes. Your new fur will come with an appraisal, but if you need one for an older fur, bring it in to one of locationsCall (334) 277-7610 for more information. 

We welcome all furs, regardless of where they were purchased! 

The appraised value is a general guide for reference purposes only. It represents the manufacturer’s suggested retail price, when available, or our determination of comparable prices for similar merchandise. The appraised value is provided as a guide to the range of selling prices in the markets across the country, and they may change. The appraised value is not the present or former selling price. We guarantee the fur products or furs specified herein are not misbranded nor falsely nor deceptively advertised or invoiced under the provisions of the FUR PRODUCTS LABELING ACT and RULES AND REGULATIONS thereunder.

For Your Business or Charity

Henig Furs can assist you with your fundraising events and auctions. Examples of charities and organizations we have helped in the past are below:

  • American Heart Association
  • National Kidney Foundation
  • Churches and Religious Organizations
  • Junior Leagues
  • Homebuilder Associations
  • American Red Cross
  • American Cancer Society
  • March of Dimes
  • Country Clubs
  • Booster Clubs
  • Kiwanis Clubs 
  • Lions Clubs
  • Sales-incentive programs
  • Wholesale partnerships
  • And More!

If we can help you with your fundraising, auction or if you have any wholesale inquiries,

contact your local Henig Furs or call (334) 277-7610.