Henig Furs partners with Belk in Mobile, Alabama

Henig Furs is proud to announce that we will be joining our partner, Belk Inc., October 1, 2015 and our new location will be Henig Furs at Belk at Springdale Mall. Henig Furs has had a partnership with Belk since 1989, with 20+ of our locations throughout the Southeast.

Our professional team, Debbie Ehman and Dot Royal, will continue to provide the same quality services and your storage will be at our new location. We would also like to invite you to look at our new 2016 Fur Collection beginning October 1st at Henig Furs at Belk at Springdale Mall.

We look forward to continuing to serve you and we appreciate your patience and understanding.  We are excited about these changes and providing you with a better experience. If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to call (251) 476-3877.

UPDATE: Henig Furs still teams up with Belk in Mobile, Alabama but has since been moved to the brand new Belk in Bel Air Mall as of 2016. We're very excited to be Henig Furs at Belk at Bel Air Mall and look forward to seeing you!

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