Henig Furs participates in Children's Clothing Exchange in Montgomery, Alabama

Children's Clothing Exchange is an event that occurs twice a year. Consignors and local businesses bring children's clothes and women's accessories for a one-week event. 

The event will be September 11-16, 2015. There is a priority night on September 10th which allows some people to have early access. 

Some of the products Henig Furs will have are:

  • Chilren's jackets such as outerwear, wool and faux fur. 
  • Children's ski jackets
  • Children's hats, tobogans, headbands and bags
  • Women's purses
  • Women's wallets
  • Hundres of scarves for only $2
  • Leg Warmers
  • And more!

All Henig Furs products in the event are brand new! 

We invite you to come look at all the inventory, ours and others! There will be lots of stuff for your little ones!

For more information, go to www.childrensclothingexchange.com

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