Rabbit Fur

Rabbit Fur
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Genuine Rabbit Fur Is Comfortable

All of our rabbit fur coats for sale contain genuine rabbit fur that has been selected for its durability as well as outward appearance. Whether for on-the-go gals who like to show off their flair for attractive style, for women who desire something different when stepping out on the town, or for those who want the perfect combination of true beauty and perfect for every occasion, we at Henig Furs have exactly what the client has in mind. 

Choose the Style That Works

From casual vests and lightweight jackets to full-length coats or the luxurious Rex Rabbi – the closest texture to Chinchilla fur – we carry a huge assortment of rabbit fur products, such as women’s rabbit fur coats.

Quality Meets Affordability

Our company prides itself on keeping prices affordable, even on our most luxurious styles of our women’s rabbit fur coats. Our quality is second to none, and we offer only the most durable and finely constructed jackets to our customers.

Our company has been manufacturing extraordinary fur coats for five generations. We know what customers want, and we make these items available at a price is that is sure to please. If rabbit fur is the material of choice, chances are 100 percent that Henig Furs has just the style that fits the bill. We have a variety of rabbit fur coats for sale, so you are certain to find the piece that is perfect for you. Of course, the jacket selected will also be one great conversation piece.

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