Facts about your Fur

Fur is a niche market that not everyone knows about. With this post, we are hoping to educate you on the features and capabilities of fur products. 

All fur products can be altered.
Whether you want to change the length, turn a jacket into a vest, or completely restyle it, your options are endless. This is one of the many reasons fur is so popular. Its versatility allows you to change its style and size to last many years. 

Fur is affordable.
While Fur is considered a luxury, high-end product (and we would never disagree with that) you might be surprised that we offer real fur jackets for as low as $99. Our layaway plan also helps because you can pay on it over time by dividing your payments into something you can afford. 

Endangered animals are never used.

Perfect for a rainy day.
An all-weather lining can be added to almost any fur creating a versatile coat that is reversible and perfect for rainy weather. 

Faux Fur
means fake fur. Our products are real, authentic fur.

Fur is an investment
and will last a long time; however, the owner must take care of it. Fur products attract moths, heat and humidity. If left in a closet, especially in the South, a fur coat can ruin. The natural oils can dry out in the skin, which will in turn damage the fur. We have vaults at many of our locations and they are climate-controlled to prevent damage from moths, heat and humidity. Not to mention, your fur is kept safe in case of theft or fire!

Which length is best for you?
Coat means full length, Stroller is shorter and hits around the knees and Jacket is at the waist. A Bolero is shorter than a jacket.

Fur Variety.
The furs we have are Mink, Bobcat, Beaver, Fox, Chinchilla, Sable, Lynx, Rabbit, Lamb and Coyote. We also have shearling. Shearling is lamb, but with the fur on one side and the leather skin on the other side. It’s different than just the lamb fur products, since shearling, the fur is not taken off of the skins. The leather is preserved, sometimes making the coat reversible. 

Fur is Green.
The fur trade and processing procedure is clean for the environment. From the beginning to the end, the process is humane and safe. (Please read our previous blog "The Truth about the Fur Trade" for more information)

Fur is Fashionable.
Celebritities and royalty all around the world wear it for both fashion and warmth. If it's really cold, bundle up with a thick fur coat. If it's warmer, throw on a lightweight fur vest to stay in fashion. No matter your style or climate, we have something perfect for you!

Perfect for all ages.
Whether you are 25 or 65, fur is a versatile product that can be customized to any size and style. While they younger crowd prefers our lightweight fur jackets, fur vests and leather jackets, we still carry the traditional fur coats that our other customers still enjoy.

Fur. Here, there and everywhere!
When most people think of fur products, they probably picture a nice fur coat or jacket, but there is more products than that offered. Decorate your home by adding a gorgeous fur rug to your rooms. No one wants to wear their coat around the house, so bundle up with your loved one in a warm, fur blanket. Keep warm this winter with fur earmuffs, fur boot toppers, fur hat, fur scarves and fur gloves.

Made Just For You!
If you're ready to buy a fur, browse our website or visit us in store. And remember, we can always customize something just for you!

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