Sable Fur

Sable Fur
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The Wonderful Feel of Fur

Fur has a luxurious feel to it. Fur is a wonderful way to have the feel of true upscale materials on your skin and on your coat. The use of fur on a coat can elevate any type of jacket from an ordinary jacket to something extraordinary and truly wonderful. Henig Furs is proud to offer exclusive Russian sable coats that feel delightful when worn.

Your Style, Your Fur

Henig Furs offers fur coats for any type of style—for men and women. Our women's coats are made from the best possible materials. Our Russian sable fur coats are made to the most precise specifications. Russian sable fur is known for its rich color and soft texture.

Real Fur, Real Comfort

Henig sable fur coats are made from high-quality materials and using true craftsmanship. We work hard to make sure that our customers get the best quality for their needs in a fur coat. Our close supervision means that you get the kind of fur coat that you want with the kind of quality that you need. Our sable coats are treated carefully to help make sure that the end product will last and look good for many years.

Quality at Its Finest

Henig Furs has been specializing in sable fur coats for five generations. We bring our expertise and understanding of the need for fur quality right to our customers. Our family knows fur, understands fur and has been working with it for decades. As a result, we have developed ways to create the kind of fur coats that flatter any figure and keep our customers looking warm and stylish even on the coldest of days.

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