Chinchilla Fur

Chinchilla Fur
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Chinchilla fur is one of the softest textures in the world. Chinchilla is widely considered the fur of choice for many fashion icons, starlets, and designers around the world. Since the fur is so dense, it is incredibly warm and makes for a stunning winter coat. Chinchilla fur is also hypoallergenic, making it possible for even those with sensitive allergies to enjoy the luxury of real fur.

Chinchilla Fur: Warmth and Beauty in One

There isn't a much bigger style statement than a genuine, high-quality women’s chinchilla fur coat. One of our incredible designs can help to add luxury, pizazz and that little "extra something" to an ensemble.

Henig Furs makes many of its women’s chinchilla fur coats in our factory in the USA. When you shop our chinchilla coats online, you can buy with confidence knowing your garment is carefully handcrafted by our master furrier, ensuring only the top quality for your new fur.

There are many imitators, but at Henig Furs, we have spent five generations perfecting our manufacturing process. All of our coats are made from high-quality furs because we know that nothing can compare with the silky, supple feel of the real thing. All of our chinchilla fur coats online are genuine, warm, and comfortable.

With a Henig Furs chinchilla fur coat, step out in both style and the utmost luxury this winter. No fake or other type of fur can compare to the plushy, velvety-soft quality of chinchilla fur.

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