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Henig Furs #morethanbeautiful campaign

At Henig Furs, we define beauty by making the world a more beautiful place by inspiring others through strength and actions. Are you a teacher? A parent? A veteran? A survivor of loss? A cancer survivor? Working overtime for your family? A student trying to better yourself? A motivated athlete?

Whatever the story, we want to hear it!

Enter yourself or someone you know by posting a photo of you or them on Instagram, use hashtags #morethanbeautiful #iamblank (fill in the blank with what also describes this person) #henigfurs, tag @henigfurs, and tell us why you or that person is making the world more beautiful.

We will read through every story, choose our top 5 inspiring ones, and then draw a winner for a fun luxury photo shoot where they are the star!

Not interested in a photo shoot? No problem! We will do our best to make sure the winner is fully satisfied with our prize!

Contest Terms and Conditions:
To enter for the grand prize, you must submit photo with the 3 appropriate hashtags #morethanbeautiful, #iam____ where the blank is filled in with your word(s) choice, and #henigfurs. Additional hashtags and photos are allowed and encouraged. Participants must also tag @henigfurs on Instagram. Participants must have permission to use the photo from anyone featured in it. By submitting any photo, Henig Furs assumes the participant has full permission and is granting Henig Furs permission to share the photo on social media. In the event a person does not have an Instagram account, you may submit your photos and information to brittany@henigfurs.com. By submitting via email, the sender is granting Henig Furs permission to use the photos to post on social media. Must be 18 years or older to make a submission. When nominating someone under age 18, submissions must be made by a parent or guardian. Henig Furs reserves the right to exclude any participant from contest that break the terms and conditions or that creates a conflict of interest. Photos that include nudity or obscene material is not eligible to win. Entries must be of a person and not an animal or object. Last date to enter submissions for grand prize is July 31, 2019; however, the #morethanbeautiful #iam           campaign will continue. 

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