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Men's Rabbit Fur Coat

Real comfort comes with fur. If you have ever had a fur coat, you know the way it can make you feel both inside and out. It’s cozy, luxurious and gives you the best comfort a coat could offer. Fur makes your coat much softer, and it can also add warmth on really cold days. A men’s rabbit fur coat is sure to keep you warm during those cold, winter days.

Your Style, Your Fur

At Henig Furs, we offer fur coats that match anyone’s style. We have furs designed exclusively for men. It doesn’t matter if you have a contemporary, modern style or if you favor more traditional looks. We have everything. We also have a huge selection of different types of furs. If you’re not interested in rabbit fur, consider fox, beaver or mink fur. We even have the finest Russian and Canadian lynx, sable, and chinchilla.

Quality at Its Finest

Henig Furs started over 50 years ago, and it’s still in the same family today. The whole family is involved with our fur business. We know what we’re doing.

Come to us for all of your men’s fur coat needs. We look forward to helping you fit into a luxurious fur coat!

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