Henig Furs partners with a new company to offer more quality service

Henig Furs, Leathers and Outerwear

Henig Furs, the South’s largest furrier, is excited to announce it has partnered with a new storage and cleaning company and can provide more quality service at no extra cost. A few things Henig Furs has always been able to do to your fur is add a permanent or detachable hood or collar; make it into a stole, purse, blanket, headband, vest, etc.; change the style, sleeves, length or color; add fur to leather; add buttons or a zipper and personalize it with monogramming. One of the most exciting things Henig Furs can do is restyle your fur into a reversible all-weather coat that provides a more versatile look.

With the assistance of a new company, Henig Furs will now be able to provide at no extra cost the following: every piece will have its lining hand cleaned, every fur will be rolled through a machine making the fur look new and healthy, a 3-step cleaning process that restores the furs’ natural oils and sheen, and all leathers that are cleaned will go through a restoring process using paint to touch up scratches or fading spots.

Our customers have been coming to us for years with furs that were passed down or inherited that do not fit their fashion taste. With a variety of restyle options, Henig Furs is able to transform any fur into something new.

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