Consign Your Old Fur

Have an old fur you never wear? Inherited your grandmother's fur coat and it's not your style? Well, you asked and we listened! Our Montgomery location is now offering a fur consignment shop! 

For years we have received phone calls from customers asking if we buy used furs. The answer has always been no. We will restyle them into something new, or you can always trade in an old fur on a new fur, but we never purchased them straight from the customer. Well, we now have a solution for those who are wanting to sell their old piece and just get cash.  

Our corporate office on Carmichael Road in Montgomery, Alabama will now have a Fur Consignment Shop. You will be able to bring your fur in, tell us the absolute lowest price you want to sell it for, we will showcase it with our inventory and once it sells, you'll make money! 

This is also good news for all of our fur shoppers out there! Have you had your eyes on a mink fur coat, but can't quite afford the price? No worries - our fur consignment shop will offer a wide range of consigned furs and trade-ins that you will be able to browse!

Please note, to ensure your item sells and to provide the customer with a quality fur, all furs will be inspected and set to a certain standard.

Have questions? Give us a call at (334) 277-7610 or stop by our location on Carmichael Road in Montgomery, Alabama.  

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