We previously did a Fur Fashion blog featuring some of Henig Furs' best products from the 2013 season. This time, we'd like to highlight on fur fashion from some of the best fashion industries around the world more worn by some of the most famous celebrities! 

 With a wide range of furs, such as coats, jackets and strollers, vests, flings, scarves, hats and leather with fur, there is something for everyone at every age to feel like a celebrity in a fabulous fur! 


Princess Kate Middleton looking classy as always in her fur

Kate Middleton in fur


Eva Longoria shows off her gorgeous fur that gives a great contrast to her purple attire.

Eva Longoria in fur

Kate Upton looks stunning in her big fur coat with her glamorous accessories.

Kate Upton in fur


Jessica Alba sports a casual look with her fur vest and Starbucks. 
Jessica Alba in fur


Halle Berry is always stunning, but this fur collar adds an even more classy look! 
Halle Berry in fur


Kate Hudson looks gorgeous in her beautiful, white fur stroller.
Kate Hudson wears a white mink fur stroller

Beyonce looks great in everything, but this fur jacket truly compliments her.

Beyonce in fur 

Kim Kardashian shows how fashionable it is also!

Kim Kardashian in a fashionable fur

Jessica Simpson looks fabulous sporting her grey cape with fur trim and matching boots.Jessica Simpson in fur 

Emma Stone looking adorable in her fur trimmed outerwear. 
Emma Stone in fur

The Olsen twins dress similar, but still have their own style with one wearing a full length fur-trimmed coat and the other wearing a fur jacket. 
Mary Kate and Ashley in fur

Because she's such a fashionable role model, we want to show Princess Kate Middleton again wearing her fur hat. 
Kate Middleton in fur hat


And lastly, we can't forget Joe Namath sporting his coyote fur stroller with fox trim at the SuperBowl 2014.
Joe Namath in fur

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