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Luxurious Fur Accessories

Fur is a classic and fashionable addition to any ensemble. If you are looking for just a touch of the comfort and style that fur provides, or you just want to supplement your fur coat with a pair of earmuffs, gloves, or another accessory, Henig Furs has the perfect piece for you. In addition to luxurious coats, we offer a variety of luxury fur accessories that you can add to your closet or home décor.

Quality Real Fur Products

The furs used to make the luxurious coats and genuine fur accessories here at Henig Furs are of the highest quality. You can find a great selection of choices like fine fox, mink, beaver, chinchilla, bobcat, rabbit, Canadian lynx, and Russian sable. We have been creating fine fur products for generations and have a tradition of excellence.

The Perfect Accessory

When the weather gets colder, it is the perfect time to accessorize with fur. Gloves, boot toppers, hats, scarves, flings, headbands and earmuffs are perfectly suited for cool weather. Luxury fur accessories add the perfect touch of comfort to your look. If your home needs a touch of softness and comfort, a fur blanket or rug can bring coziness to any room of your house. We produce beautiful, genuine fur accessories that can fit the style of any man or woman looking for a little luxury in their life.

Best Quality Fur For Generations

For over 50 years, Henig Furs has produced handmade furs that are classic pieces in any wardrobe. From mink coats to chinchilla hats, we pride ourselves on every single one of the garments we produce.

The warmth, comfort, and style of fur is undeniable. We want you to feel your best and feel confident about the quality of your Henig Furs accessories. We know you will love our products and will enjoy them for a lifetime.

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